• Borghi medioevali - medieval villages

    questa zona, gode di tantissimi paesini collinari o marittimi risalenti al medioevo distanti pochi minuti, da visitare

  • Acqua park - water park

    diversi parchi acquatici nelle vicinanze per grandi e piccini

  • percorsi enogastronomici - wine and food tours

    Tante saranno le proposte, per gustare e degustare i prodotti tipici, ed enologici della costa etrusca.

  • visite guidate, ed escursioni - guided tours, and excursions

    visite guidate, gite in barca, percorsi immersi nella natura da farsi a piedi, in bici, o a cavallo!

  • parco giochi - playground

    non molto lontano troverete uno dei parchi a tema più grandi d'Italia dove divertirsi con i grandi ed i piccini, ma anche nelle immediate vicinanze i vostri bimbi troveranno parchi giochi nella quale divertirsi.

Attractions in the area

Good! You have chosen one of the most beautiful areas of Italy!

In fact, besides the beauty it has to offer San vincenzo, in its vicinity includes a number of beautiful places to visit and to live, that meet the needs of the whole family. Medieval villages, art, spas, archaeological and mining, nature trails, Water parck, and amusement parks. All in the immediate vicinity of our hotel.

Very interesting are the visits to the villages of the Val di Cornia, ancient villages such as Populonia, Suvereto, Campiglia M.ma, Sassetta, Monteverdi, Reed. We recommend a visit to Massa Marittima and its splendid Cathedral and a trip to Piombino with its Castle and the Archaeological Museum. Nearby are also the Thermal structures of Venturina Calidario with the pond and its wellness center. For the Archaeological Parks to visit one of Baratti and Populonia, the Archaeological Park of San Silvestro in-mining town of Campiglia Marittima, the Museum of the Praetorian Palace in Campiglia.

There are also many opportunities to take in the beautiful nature trails in the promontory of Piombino Park Calamoresca, Buca delle Fate, crossing the Cape, Rimigliano Park, Nature Reserve WWF, some of these stages is also possible to make her horse.

The water parck of Follonica or di Cecina, and the Cavallino crazy Donoratico, guarantee a good chunk of fun even in children and adolescents. For more worldly, near many evenings are organized with live music and open-air discos which are the coolest of the cool moment.

Not underestimate the various wine tasting tours offered by the wine roads of Suvereto, Bolgheri, etc. .. Where you can taste the excellent local wines accompanied with tasting of typical dishes of Tuscan cuisine.

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